One board for everything!

Are you looking for a snowboard that can handle any terrain and condition? Do you want a board that is responsive, durable, and fun to ride? If so, you need to check out the Shadowban, the ultimate all-mountain board. The Shadowban is not just another snowboard. It is a masterpiece of design and engineering that will take your riding to the next level. The Shadowban features a Standard Camber profile that gives you the perfect balance of stability, edge control, and pop. The Carbon Array 3™ technology enhances the board’s responsiveness and power without making it too stiff or heavy. The Sintered, Stone Ground base is fast and smooth, and absorbs wax like a sponge to keep you gliding all season long. The Shadowban is a directional twin, which means it has a twin shape with a slightly set back stance. This gives you the best of both worlds: a symmetrical board that is easy to ride switch, and a directional board that performs well in powder and variable snow. The Shadowban is the ultimate versatile board that can handle anything from groomers to backcountry, from park to pipe. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Shadowban will make you feel like a king of the mountain. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the Shadowban, the most innovative and versatile snowboard on the market. Order yours today and get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure.


All Mountain , Park , Powder , Groomers


Resort Sport

Ability Level

Intermediate , Expert




Quadratic Sidecut:

Blending of three radii to improve turn initiation/exit while providing the best grip possible. This design is uniquely formulated for each model based on its shape and riding style.

Performance™ Core:

High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light.


RIDE’s exclusive Slimewalls® are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts rather than defending against them. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls® smoothes the interaction with the snow, wood or metal surfaces you may ride on. On top of all that, these babies are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding.

Impact Plates Laminates:

Added underneath each binding area to improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most. Offered in two levels, Single and Double.

Carbon Array Laminates:

This power distribution technology provides total board control in every stance location. Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles. Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maximum board control. Offered in two levels of technology, 3 & 5.

Pre-Cured Glass Fiberglass:

USA-made pre-cured fiberglass optimizes glass to resin ratios to create the most consistent flex pattern possible. No other glass provides this level of stability and control.

Roll-In Construction:

Unique 3D structure built around our urethane Slimewall® sidewalls. Designed to increase overall board strength, prevent topsheet chipping, and reduce weight.

RIDE Snowboard Technology:

Engineered by snowboarders, for the most demanding riders on the planet. With over 30 years of experience in building high-quality products.

(CM) (MM) (MM) (M) (MM) (MM) (MM) (LBS / KG)
147 1096 245 9.0 . 6.5 . 9.0 287 / 287 -19 508 75-165 / 34-75
151 1121 248 9.1 . 6.6 . 9.1 291 / 291 -19 533 100-180 / 45-82
154 1147 251 9.2 . 6.7 . 9.2 296 / 296 -19 559 115-195 / 52-93
157 1172 254 9.3 . 6.8 . 9.3 300 / 300 -19 559 125-205 / 57-93
161 1197 257 9.4 . 6.9 . 9.4 304 / 304 -19 559 130-210 / 59-95
155W 1159 258 9.2 . 6.7 . 9.2 304 / 304 -19 559 125-205 / 57-95
160W 1197 264 9.4 . 6.9 . 9.4 311 / 311 -19 559 160-220+ / 73-100+
164W 1223 266 9.5 . 7.0 . 9.5 315 / 315 -19 584 170-220+ / 77-100+