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We’re not perfect. We’ve done some dumb things over the years but that doesn’t mean we can’t be better. Today it should be clear to all snowboarders that if we don’t start making changes in how we live there won’t be snow for us to chase in the near future. The climate is changing, and we can do better. The snowboarding lifestyle isn’t eco-friendly. It never has been. We’ve got to get to the mountains on planes, trains, and automobiles. Chairlifts need energy. Houses need heat. The products we make use resources, create waste, and require transportation. There is an environmental cost to everything humans do. We can never eliminate that, but we can do better. We can create less waste, use less resources, build longer-lasting products and work with people on the front lines of this battle to learn and change what we’ve been doing.

We admire Akomplice and what they’ve done to build and run a sustainable business, so we partnered with them to make this limited edition Psychocandy.