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The Burnout does its dirty work in the park and streets. The unique sidecut design—boasting a straighter tip and tail radius blended with an aggressive mid-section—allows the rider to track straight in and out of features but still lay down a carve when needed. This board is designed to meet the needs of the modern freestyle rider. The Linear Twin Sidecut design paired with Flat Kick Tips increases underfoot width, enhances leverage on landings, increases edge hold through turns and improves stability on a flat base. Carbon Slimewalls® enhance response and stability without adding stiffness. The Burnout is a high-end twin for an intermediate to advanced rider looking to avoid the stress and frustration commonly associated with riding the same old high-end freestyle shape.

“When I think about design, I think about the silhouette. Given that the board is a confined sort of canvas, so even the actual content of the design is secondary to it’s form. And then filling it in is just the fun part.”

- Cole Navin on designing his Burnout graphic