$474.97 $949.95

Hop on the Capita NEO Slasher Splitboard and you'll be dodging lift lines like bullets in the Matrix while in pursuit of the fluffiest pow. This lightweight split gives you access to far out zones others can only dream of, and when you stick it back together, it turns into a pow slashing beast. With a setback stance and a tapered directional shape, it surfs better than your resort board, and thanks to a stout construction backed up by the joined forced of carbon and flax, it remains poppy and stable even when the goods aren't fresh.

Rocker Type

Alpine V1 Profile – The ALPINE V1 Profile design features mid-body camber with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability on hard pack while increasing float and landing power, improving the rider’s performance in deep snow. The camber runs longer in the tail—providing extra power for the ascent or for larger riders drawn to a dedicated wide series.


Directional Flex/ 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Radical Taper – Engineered for deep powder but still versatile around the mountain, this RADIAL sidecut is complemented by a TAPERED TAIL. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in the powder while the wider nose section floats above the snow line. The result is less work and more fun as the board surfs on one smooth continual arc.