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You could spend the first half of each day in the parking lot agonizing over which board you should ride, or you could just bring the Yes. Standard Snowboard and be done with it. This board sets the standard for all mountain versatility with a Directional Volume Twin shape that's just as happy shredding pow in the trees as it is going huge in the park. Blur the lines between freeride and freestyle - or just throw them out altogether - with a true quiver of one.

Rocker Type

CamRockThe response of camber with the floatability of rocker. Camber between your feet acts as a spring, keeping your contact points on the ground as you go in and out of turns and allowing you to keep that edge hold longer. Once compressed the camber will accentuate the rocker and lift the nose out more, allowing it to float.


Flex Rating7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)