The PYL UnInc is a board that reflects the surfing passion and the tropical lifestyle of David carrier Porcheron, a rider who loves the coast of Costa Rica. The PYL UnInc is a new kind of all mountain board that has a longer edge hold and a wider shape for more surface area. The board combines the Hybrid versatility with the PYL’s big mountain profile. The board has a coreless tail that makes the tail sink more in deep snow, but still keeps the board stiff and powerful. The board also has a chakra window on the nose that connects the board with your inner self. The board has a Tapered UnderBite that gives the board more float and drive in the front, but still keeps the board stable and responsive in the back. The PYL UnInc is a board that is not limited by any terrain or style. It is a board that lets you ride like a surfer on snow.

Product Details

Rocker Type

CamRock  The response of camber with the floatability of rocker. Camber between your feet acts as a spring, keeping your contact points on the ground as you go in and out of turns and allowing you to keep that edge hold longer. Once compressed the camber will accentuate the rocker and lift the nose out more, allowing it to float.


Flex Rating  8 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Tapered UnderBite  Each side of the board’s effective edge is segmented into 3 distinct parts that step horizontally inward rather than tapering. Traditional “tapered boards” take the full sidecut and pull the tail inward, which is away from the arc of your turn – this is why they tend to wash out under hard carving. Tapered UnderBite corrects this by increasing the sidecut depth as you move towards the tail creating a corrective “hook” to the taper. The board blends into turns effortlessly, and has the directional drive and float you’d expect from a tapered board.


Weightless Core  The Weightless Core strikes a critical balance between light weight and strength. Using a lower density species of Poplar in areas that are not as structured and Paulownia in the areas that are, Yes. was able to shave precious weight. This helps the board not only float, but "feel" floaty.

Chakra Windows


Triaxal Glass


Sintered True  True Sintered bases are harder and more expensive than extruded, and can be faster for those that ride aggressively.


Art by Mark Kowalchuk

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pack


  • Terrain:All-Mountain, PowderMore 
  • Ability Level:Intermediate-AdvancedMore 
  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/RockerMore 
  • Shape:Directional
  • Flex Rating:StiffMore 
  • Binding Mount Pattern:2x4
  • Core/Laminates:Wood
  • Athletes:David Carrier Porcheron
  • Warranty:Limited Lifetime
Size (cm) 155 157 159 161
Effective Edge (mm) 1135 1153 1171 1189
Tip Width (mm) 307 307 308 310
Waist Width (mm) 260 261 262 263
Tail Width (mm) 292 293 294 295
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.6 - 6.6 - 5.6 7.8 - 6.8 - 5.8 8.0 - 7.0 - 6.0 8.2 - 7.2 - 6.2
Stance Setback (in) 0 0 0 0
Stance Range (in) 20.9 - 24.1 20.9 - 24.1 20.9 - 24.1 21.9 - 25.1
Stance Range (mm) 532 - 612 532 - 612 532 - 612 557 - 637
Rider Weight (lbs) 130 - 180 140 - 190 160 - 210 180 - 220​+
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular