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This is your Pilot speaking. Thank you for choosing Now Air. Please fasten your straps, check that all highbacks are stowed in an upright position, and quit yammering to your buddy about how far you boosted off that last side hit. It was sick, but you're in the Now Pilot Snowboard bindings - these things are to be expected. It's time for another lap, prepare for takeoff!


Flex Rating - 6-7 (1 soft 10 stiff)


Base Plate - Flushcup Technology – Designed to hold boots even without a highback, these have a flush inner surface where the highback meets the heelcup. This gives direct energy transfer between boot and binding.

Hanger 2.0 Nylon Reinforced with 30% Glass Fiber – This baseless design allows for uninterrupted board flex, with rigid I-Beam wall sections that transfer energy to the board's edges.

Post – Nylon with 50% Glass Fiber

Combo Disc – 4x4 & Channel compatible


Straps - Freestyle Flipit Ankle Straps – Now has added two layers of EVA to this strap. It is cushy, yet supportive, and has traditional stitch-and-turn construction with an injected spine sandwiched between EVA and fabric.

3D Contour Toe Straps – If it's grip you're after, look no further. This strap is not only super grippy, but it is also moldable and can be used either on the tip or top of your boot.

Hinge Connector – A minimalist but strong hinge design allows your straps to move out of the way, with a stop mechanism to prevent them flopping around.

NOW Tool-less Adjuster Straps


Buckles - PA66-GF Buckle Levers – Made with the same high grade nylon and glass fiber blend found in Now posts and discs. This material is light and strong.