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If you're looking for a one-board quiver that absolutely rips in powder but doesn't hold back on fast groomers, nothing comes close to the "Powgroomer" Nitro Squash Snowboard (so good they invented a category just for it). Full camber, with a long nose and medium swallowtail shape, the Squash floats like a butterfly but still rails its heart out when you push it. For all-mountain freeriding at its finest, even for those who don't care for vegetables.

Rocker Type

Trüe CamberGood old standard camber, which provides the stability and pop many shredders can't live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivaled.


Directional All Terrain FlexNitro's most versatile flex pattern, combining their signature all mountain pop with smooth response, allowing you to tear up the entire mountain.

Flex Rating7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Tapered Swallowtail

Progressive SidecutA larger radius in the front, blended into a tighter one towards the tail. The progressive sidecut makes accelerating out of turns a breeze, while maintaining a catch-free nose area.


Power Core IIA tip-to-tail poplar wood core with beech wood stringers offers unrivaled strength, smooth response, and insane snap.

Standard Core Profile


Bi-Lite LaminatesNitro's rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for a powerful riding style and a refined board-feel.


Sintered Speed Formula HD BaseNitro utilizes a new base material compound to achieve higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absorption, and higher on-snow speeds.