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By K2

From the mad scientists in the K2 lab, the versatile K2 Formula snowboard binding is an all-mountain freestyle binding that isn’t afraid to mix it up in the steeps, parks, or streets and is the preferred binding of global K2 pros and ams alike.

The Formula is built on our Profusion™ Chassis, a mid-to-stiff flexing fiberglass-filled-nylon construction that provides support and cushion for big tricks in the park and pointing it down spicy lines. The AT Nylon highback is responsive with just the right amount of flex and features our Gap Eraser™ forward lean adjustment to customize the response of your board. This forward lean technology allows your highback to have complete contact with your heel cup at any degree of forward lean. Complete contact equals full response. The padded Custom Caddi™ 3D ankle strap provides a supremely comfortable and secure feel when the consequences are high, and the PerfectFit™ 2.0 toe strap hinges to fit any snowboard boot toe profile for comfort and fast response.

The Formula’s Power Ramp is adjustable to evenly match the bottom of your boot outsole and combines with a 3º cant built directly into the chassis to create a natural riding position for big landings, solid take-offs, and even balance on all terrain.

Lastly, the aluminum ratchets are tough as hell and feature our integrated EZ Feed™ design and make strapping in quick and hassle-free.


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  • Pro Model: Jake Kuzyk
  • Terrain: All Mountain
  • Flex Level: 6/10
  • Chassis Material: Made with GF Nylon Performance material the chassis is highly durable and supportive, whilst retaining its performance regardless of temperature
  • ProFusion Chassis: This design is simple and lightweight, it's the go to binding in the K2 collection. The Chassis is easy to adjust without tools to improve the fit and performance, featuring an adjustable power ramp and on-board toe adjust
  • All-Terrain Nylon Highback: All terrain nylon is highly durable and temperature resistant
  • Tool-Less Forward Lean Adjustment: Easily adjust the forward lean on the mountain to suit your riding style and terrain. Crank it forward for increase response
  • Gap Eraser: Reducing the space between your boot, heelcup and the highback to provide full contact resulting in increased response
  • 3° Canted EVA Footbed: EVA cushioning absorbs shock and vibrations underfoot to smooth out uneven terrain. 3° canting supports the natural stance, taking stress off of your ankles and knees
  • Custom Caddi Ankle Strap with Neoprene: This 3D ankle strap moulds around your ankle with features neoprene padding to add cushioning for comfort
  • Perfect Fit Toe 2.0 Strap: This stap mould around any boot brand to secure a secure fit, featuring flexible hinges and lock lever to customise the fit
  • Integrated EZ Feed Housing: This tapered ladder is wider and give you easy entry into the binding
  • Aluminum Ratchet: Made with aircraft grade aluminum this ratch is highly durable and secure
  • 100% Tool-Less Adjustment: Easily adjust the straps and highback on the mountain without the need for tools or screwdrivers
  • Mounting: Multi-Compatible Disc works seamlessly with 4-hole and channel mounting systems

Snowboard Binding Size Chart

(11-1) (29 - 33.5)
(2-5) (3-6) (2-5) (33-36) (33-36) (34 - 38)
(5-9) (6-10) (36 - 40.5) (36 - 41.5)
(8-12) (9+) (40.5 - 44.5)
(11-15) (44.5 - 50)