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Each season we join forces with a brand, crew, or person(s) that defines what our definition of the soul of snowboarding is. In the past, it’s been artists, crews, boarders with brands outside of the snowboard world, and brands within snowboarding. Commonalities we see time and again are passion, creativity, and tenacity… an understanding that progression and success aren’t handed out on silver platters. This season we have the pleasure of partnering with Interior Plain Project! No stranger to producing boards, the admiration we have for Pete and everyone involved with IPP runs deep! The attention to detail and layers that go into everything they do is second to none; and we’re SO excited to collaborate and be a part of another layer together, brace yourself for “Man-Mad Horrors”!

Brand/artist statement:
The capsule collection "Man-Made Horrors” manifested from humans becoming their own worst enemies. “Humanity has an inherent reputation to destroy themselves with the very things they create.