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Only one person gets to be Kazu Kokubo, but everyone can get a board inspired by Kazu's legendary powder slashing, full-send, what-did-I-just-see style. Combining a compact chassis, a powder-hungry reverse camber nose, and a tapered tail, his signature board is a one way ticket to the white room - an altered state of mind in physical form. The new model has been updated with an ultra lightweight, bamboo powered Panda Hover Core Ultra backed up by Aplitex V-Tex stringers, meaning it has the chops to keep charging once the resort gets tracked out.

Rocker Type

Alpine V2 RockerThe ALPINE V2 Profile features lower-body camber with a reverse cambered nose. This allows for maximum turning power while increasing float and landing stability.


Directional Flex

Flex Rating6.5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional Shape

Radical TaperEngineered for deep powder but still versatile around the mountain, this RADIAL sidecut is complemented by a TAPERED TAIL. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in the powder while the wider nose section floats above the snow line. The result is less work and more fun as the board surfs on one smooth continual arc.