$474.00 $789.95

When the snow-stake hits double figures, you better have the Burton Fish 3D Snowboard waxed and ready to rip. Combining a wild double swallowtail shape with directional rocker and surfboard-inspired 3D base contouring in the tip and tail, this board handles deep pow like a crazed Sockeye swimming upstream to get to the hatch zone. It's the tool of choice for days when you run out of fingers and toes to keep track of snowfall, not that you'll be wasting time with such trivialities anyway. It's feeding time and the Fish 3D is HUNGRY!

Rocker Type

Directional Flat Top™Flat overall with a rocker nose for the steady stability and effortless float demanded by deep days and surfy terrain.


Personality3 - 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)