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Life is hard. The dude in the beer commercial told you to stay thirsty, so you did. But now you're on a mountain covered entirely in frozen water, and you can't figure out how to drink any of it with out looking like a total weirdo. The conditions are all-time, so taking a break to go to the lodge and drink from a fountain is out of the question. But then you remember, you're wearing your 686 GLCR Hydrastash Reserve Insulated Jacket. Not only is your body like 70% water, your jacket is too (don't check our math here). You are the water. Hydration flows through you. You take a sip from your jacket and everything is at peace with the universe.

Face Fabric

2-Layer infiDRY® Stretch Fabric with DWR – 686 2-Layer infiDRY® fabric is perfect for daily use in a wide range of conditions. Specialty fabrics are laminated and bonded to a Polyurethane (PU) infiDRY® membrane on the underside of the fabric. For further protection, the laminated fabric is then applied on the exterior with a water resistant C6 environmentally friendly DWR finish to repel snow and water from penetrating the fabric. This creates a superior fabric with a one-way portal for moisture that is virtually impenetrable from the outside, yet allows your body’s sweat to evaporate and pass through the fabric from the inside out creating a more comfortable experience.



infiDRY® 20K | 20K Waterproof / 15K Breathable – This membrane blocks water, snow and wind from entering your garment, and is hydrophilic on the inside - attracting any moisture inside your jacket (sweat) and moving it through to the outside of the fabric where it is able to evaporate, thus keeping you both dry and warm.



infiLOFT Clo® Univa Duo 70% Recycled Insulation – Chosen for garments where loft (puffiness) and softness are most important, this insulation is breathable with a soft and luxurious hand feel. Made from recycled plastic bottles.

infiLOFT® Insulation | 80g Body / 60g Sleeves / 40g Hood – Circular-like filament groupings individually retain heat while having a very soft hand feel. The synthetic fibers have high moisture resistance, high warmth, and excellent loft. A great all around affordable insulation.


Lining Material

Honeycomb Knit Fleece Inner Collar/Mouth Flap



Articulated Fit – Ergonomically articulated lines are designed to work with your constant movement. Roomy throughout with curved articulation points in the knees, elbows and hood.